Position Title:Maintenance Worker II

Company:City Of Coronado

Location:Coronado, CA

Job Description:

This is the full journey level class within the Maintenance Worker series. Employees within this class are distinguished from the Maintenance Worker I by the performance of the full range of duties as assigned including maintenance, construction and repair of City parks, beaches, golf course, streets and related buildings and facilities.  Employees at this level receive only occasional instruction or assistance as new or unusual situations arise, and are fully aware of the operating procedures and policies of the work unit. Positions in this class are flexibly staffed and are normally filled by advancement from the I level, or when filled from the outside, have prior experience.  This class is distinguished from the Maintenance Worker III in that the latter possesses a specialized technical or functional expertise within the area of assignment.


  • Perform semi-skilled maintenance, construction and repair duties on City parks, beaches, golf courses, streets and facilities.
  • Operate a variety of heavy and light equipment, and hand and small power tools including loaders, backhoes, bobcats, hydraulic lifts, root pruners, jack hammers, tractors, dump trucks, riding mowers, small tractors, rototillers, stump cutters, sprayers, edgers, blowers, hedge trimmers, chippers, shredders, push mowers, weedeaters, shovels, rakes and pick axes; ensure all equipment is operated in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Maintain records of time spent performing various maintenance functions; provide assistance in preparing records and files.
  • Respond to public inquiries in a courteous manner; provide information within the area of assignment; resolve complaints in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Perform a variety of maintenance and repair activities for City parks and landscaped areas including, grounds maintenance, aeration and overseeding; mowing and edging grass, operating leaf blowing equipment, pruning, removing and trimming shrubbery, and raking leaves and debris.
  • Perform routine groundskeeping functions; pick up trash and debris; clean public restrooms including floors, windows and fixtures; empty refuse containers.
  • Plant, water, cultivate, fertilize and care for shrubbery, lawns and trees; prepare soil for planting and transplanting; aerate soil and apply appropriate fertilizers.
  • As assigned, perform chemical application duties; apply herbicides, fungicides and pesticides; ensure proper application of all materials; perform all duties in compliance with City and mandated health and safety rules and regulations.
  • Assist in irrigation functions; adjust sprinkler heads; repair pipes; refer to higher level maintenance staff as required.


  • Learn the operations, services and activities of the maintenance and repair program in assigned area.
  • Learn basic methods and techniques of carpentry, plumbing, electrical and painting trades.
  • Learn methods and techniques of planting and caring for trees, shrubs and plants.
  • Learn methods and equipment used in weed, pest and insect control and treating minor plant diseases.
  • Learn methods and techniques of applying pesticides and herbicides.
  • Learn methods and techniques of landscape installation, maintenance and reconstruction.
  • Learn principles and practices of golf course maintenance work including maintenance of greens and turf.
  • Learn basic irrigation system repair and maintenance techniques.
  • Learn methods and techniques of preparing and applying road surfaces including asphalt and chip seal.
  • Learn methods and techniques of repairing sidewalks, curbs, and related maintenance areas.
  • Learn methods and techniques of sign fabrication, street painting and stenciling.
  • Learn methods, materials, tools and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of pumps, compressors, sewer lines and swimming pool equipment.
  • Learn building construction and maintenance methods and techniques.