Position Title:Pool Lifeguard

Company:City Of Coronado

Location:Coronado, CA

Job Description:

The Pool Lifeguard observes and supervises the activities of patrons in the pool and surrounding area; protects life, prevents accidents and enforces pool regulations; rescues swimmers in emergency situations; and assists in the maintenance of facilities and equipment. Lifegaurds may also be assigned to the Boathouse which would include preparing, issuing, and cleaning equipment and vessels


  • Observe and supervise activities of swimmers in the pool and the surrounding area; enforce applicable pool rules and regulations.
  •  Rescue persons in distress or in danger of drowning; provide emergency care as necessary including but not limited to first aid and CPR.
  • Participate in facilities clean-up and maintenance; test and monitor water chemistry and temperature; inspect pool facilities and report any unsafe conditions.
  • Respond to questions and inquiries from the public regarding pool regulations, use of facilities and various aquatic programs offered.
  • Maintain records, reports and logs.
  • Open and close pool and related facilities.
  • Perform related duties and responsibilities as required.


  • Principles and practices of swimming, lifeguarding and water safety.
  • Methods and techniques of first aid, CPR and AED.
  • Basic operations, services and activities of a public swimming facility including water chemistry and maintenance functions.
  • Principles and practices of public relations.
  • Appropriate safety precautions and procedures within the area of assignment.
  • Pertinent Federal, State and local codes, laws and regulations.